Product Development

From public safety to mission-critical automation, our clients turn to us for high-quality solutions to some of engineering’s toughest challenges.

At US Digital Designs, product development is our greatest strength.

We understand the need to get it right the first time, and our decades of experience in mechanical, electrical, and software engineering give us the skills to make it happen.

We use the latest in computer-aided design and graphics to help us visualize a finished product. Well before any part is produced, we have assembled, tested, used, and abused the product in a virtual environment. When we have the real finished product in our hands, there are no surprises. The virtual models we create are superb training and communications tools during and after the design process.


Semiconductor equipment

Specialty gas-delivery systems

PCB design

Software engineering

Gas turbine & reciprocating engine fuel system controls

Custom sensor modules

And so much more!

Software services

Software participates in every aspect of modern control systems. Robotics, automation, and communication control systems are all orchestrated through the skill and organization of highly-specialized software engineers.

As electronics evolve, logic is shifting out of the realm of hardware design and into that of software through the miracles of modern microcontrollers. The advantages to using microcontrollers in control systems are immediately obvious: simplified design, adaptable behavior through reprogrammable logic, ease of expansion, and more.

At US Digital Designs, craftsmanship and reliability is not only present in the quality product that you can see, but more importantly in the “under-the-hood” software and security mechanisms necessary to ensure the reliability and continuous operation of your critical systems.

USDD gets the job done. We can create your user interfaces, extrapolate and analyze your data, build your associated databases and create a software environment that is effective for your needs. Our experience and professionalism are the critical elements necessary for the success of your project.

Case Studies

Our clients come to us with unique, challenging problems to solve.

Case Studies